Winemaker Dinner March 7th at our house

So earlier this month we had a special winemaker’s dinner at our house!  The wine was fabulous and the winemaker was excited to have a great review on his wine!  So now here is the rest of the story….  when we went to Washington state last fall, we went to Northstar Winery and participated in their blending program.  Bill made and awesome Merlot and I made a Red Blend.  Bill wanted to have Randy Cotton come over and be the one to review his Merlot.  Thus last Monday, Randy & Terry Cotton came over for dinner and we had a great line up of wines featuring Bills Merlot.  Randy ultimately gave Bill great reviews on his wine!  Here is the lineup of wines and we paired it with a great steak!

Wines we had were:

  • 2014 Cerdon Renardat Fache
  • 2007 Alexander Valley Vineyard CYRUS
  • 2012 Merlot Henry’s Earl Estate Red Mountain Merlot
  • 2014 Northstar Bill’s Blend Merlot

IMG_9254 IMG_9255 IMG_8135


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