Summer 2014 Drink Ideas

I got an email from Food and Wine today which led me to this gallery of Pitcher Drinks, can’t wait to try some of these and write my thoughts!

cajun lemonade fnw 150x150 Cocktails/Other DrinksPitcher Drinks

 by Food & Wine



sangria slush1 e1404788817872 Cocktails/Other Drinks Sangria Slush

by Nancy Gargan

I took a Sangria recipe and made it we drank 2/3 of it and left the rest in the pitcher in fridge for a couple days. I didn’t want to throw it out so I poured it in the blender and added frozen peaches then hit blend.  Wow! this was great!


pimms by the kitchn 150x150 Cocktails/Other DrinksPimms Cup

by The Kitchn



 recipe c Heaven 150x150 Cocktails/Other DrinksHeaven

by Imbibe Magazine




recipe c southside fizz 150x150 Cocktails/Other DrinksSouthside Fizz

by Imbibe Magazine




recipe cocktail onesunset 150x150 Cocktails/Other DrinksOne Sunset

by Imbibe Magazine




red gfruit slogin by the kitchn 150x150 Cocktails/Other DrinksLady Edith

by The Kitchn



Wave Bender (non-alcoholic)

by Drinksmixer

We made several non-alcoholic drinks when we had some friends over that didn’t drink.  This was one of the favorites and we have made it several times since as a nice summer beverage.

lemon orange fizz 150x150 Cocktails/Other DrinksLemon-Orange Fizz (non-alcoholic)

from eatingwell

This was our other favorite NA summer beverage.  We use Sparkling Ice Orange Water, for the orange seltzer.  Great recipe!  I agree make a pitcher cause this will go down fast & easy.


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