July 6, 2015 Great Dinner with Fr. Zarse

Tonight we had an awesome evening tonight!  We had Fr. Zarse form our church,Christ the King, over for dinner and had a great time.  Not only did we have some great conversation and thought provoking conversation.  We found out that he really enjoys wine and steak, but the Chocolate Souffle was probably the show stopper. Unfortunately I didn’t take pics of the food. We were so consumed in conversation I totally forgot pic of food, but the Steaks, Grilled Spaghetti Squash, Grilled Asparagus and Chocolate Souffles were great!  We opened our first bottle of 2006 Bouncristiani ‘The Core’ Cabernet Sauvignon. OMG!!!! It was so good we decanted it for 3 hours prior to dinner, and I’m on the last sip now 7 hours later it is so smooth. Wow!!! We also had the 2014 Buoncristiani Rosato, and 2009 Bouncristiani Petite Sirah, both of these were phenomenal also!  We had the Rosato as an appertif with cheese & crackers and Margarita Pizza, and the Petite Sirah with the Steak and dessert along with ‘The Core’.  We also pulled out ‘the motor oil’ the 1985 Don PX to taste with dessert.  Look forward to having Fr. Zarse over again and raid the cellar for some more good wine and some great food and conversation.


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